Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Food :)

In the last month Derrick and I have tried a few new recipes, courtesy of Pinterest.  The first one we tried was a Chinese sesame chicken.  Derrick is a huge Chinese food fan, and we aren't super thrilled with our options here.  So we decided to try to make it.
He's quite the chef ;) 
We ended up making szechuan chicken and sesame chicken. 
The szechuan was a little too spicy for me, but the sesame was delicious! 
To make the szechuan, we just cooked the chicken in a little oil and then added this sauce that you can find at most grocery stores.  For the sesame chicken, we used this receipe.

We also tried this zesty BBQ chicken, which we highly recommend!  It's super easy and super delicious, and it makes some good leftovers too.
Did I mention it's even a crock pot meal that takes no watching?!  I started it, left for a job, and came home to my house smelling awesome and perfectly cooken chicken! 
Then you just have to shred it up and serve it on some hamburger buns!  YUMM!

I also decided to try the yougurt bites that I've seen on Pinterest.  No receipe needed for this one. 
You need yougurt, a pan, wax paper, and a freezer :) 
I just bought a big tub of yougurt and made these over a couple of days.  They make for a great snack when you're craving something sweet and cold (like ice cream!)

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