Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I've Been Up To - Craft Edition

So lately I haven't been getting too much crafting in with it being so nice here.  Here are a few of my in-progress crafts that have yet to be finished:

First up are these calendars that my Dad's Uncle Walt made for Matt, Kaylan, and I.  Mom or Kaylan painted them these colors forever ago. 

And now Kaylan and I decided that just won't match anything we have decorated!  So...I repainted two of them, and I also had to repaint all the tiles that go in the slots.
You can clearly tell this project took up my whole craft room!! 
They are almost finished! Since this picture was taken, I have also finished the tiles that go on the nails withe all the months on them. 
The last thing I have to do is make all the holiday tiles and birthday tiles for each family.

I also have been working on Quinn's tutu for the wedding.  It's turning out really cute, but the material I chose to work with is a bit of a pain!  That's why this is as far as I've gotten :)  A little at a time!

We also finally got the herringbone art I made hung in our bedroom!

It matches the bedding we have that I made while I was in college, but we have registered for new bedding that will be even more amazing with it! 

I think that concludes this craft edition!  I have a couple other things up my sleeve, so stay tuned to see what they are :)

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