Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Wreaths

Kaylan and my mom made a couple of these holiday wreaths last year, but I thought I needed some now.  And since I think they're so cute, I think I need one for every holiday! :)  You can find a tutorial here

The best part about making these wreaths is that I had to get over my PTSD in order to make them! 

I bought that steel mesh glove right after my thumb incident, but I have been too scared to use my rotary cutter still!  I finally took the plunge and used my cutter and look at all I got done! :)

I have strips to make Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine's Day wreaths! Yay!  Kaylan and I also just picked up some St. Patrick's Day fabric, so I'll be getting back to cutting! 

I've done a little tying, but got a blister on my finger and ran out of strips.  I should really have someone check my math when figuring how much fabric to get!  Geesh!

Here is half of my Christmas wreath!  I can't wait to get it done and hung on the door!

Let me know if you make any wreaths!  They're too cute, and you'll love them!

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