Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

Wowzers! It has been a crazy week!  Here is a little recap of our Thanksgiving weekend a week late!  Derrick's family came here for Thanksgiving this year since we weren't able to go home.  They got into town Wednesday night, and we did some grocery shopping and grabbed some dinner.  We prepared the turkey, which was a whole lot of fun in itself.  Tom had to be the one to get all the "goodies" out of the turkey before Lisa or I would mess with it.  Yuck! 

Then we stuffed some butter and herbs under the skin, put an apple, orange, and onion inside and called it good!

Thursday morning Derrick had to work at Target, and I got up to put the turkey in. 

We had invited the McCords to join us for Thanksgiving since they didn't go back to Iowa either.  T.J. and Miles both ended up being sick all night Wednesday night, so T.J. decided not to come over.  I was doing great all morning, and then right before all the food was ready, it hit me. :( I was sick too!  Kaylan ended up being sick Friday, and Derrick got sick Saturday.  It certainly made the rounds through us all pretty quick! 

Needless to say, this is what I ate for Thanksgiving :(

We did have tons of leftovers, so I eventually got a proper Thanksgiving dinner!   Here is a picture of Derrick carving his first turkey!!

It was a bummer that we were both sick which his family was in town, but we made it work.  I rested for a few hours on Thanksgiving, and then felt a lot better.  We even managed to squeeze in a game of poker!  I refused to miss Black Friday shopping, so Dylan and I headed out around 11:00 p.m. to get some good deals!  What a trooper he was too!  It was madness!

Right when we walked in the door, I knew it was a horrible idea.  We ended up getting only half the things on my list, and waiting in line to pay was the worst part!  We gave up after striking out at Kohl's and decided to go to bed. 

Derrick had to work at TSC Friday for Black Friday.  And after lots of rest, I met up with his family for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and to watch the Iowa game.  After Derrick got off work, we headed downtown for dinner and the annual tree lighting on Monument Circle.  We ate at the Indianapolis Colts Grille, which is a new place downtown.  It was delicious!

Here's the monument/tree before the lighting.

And here is the tree after the big countdown!

The streets were packed with everyone out to see the lighting of the tree!  Some EMS people we saw said it was the largest crowd there has ever been because it was so nice out.  After the tree lighting, we went back to Plainfield and called it a night. 

We met up with D's family one last time for breakfast at Flapjacks in Plainfield before they headed back to Iowa.  We're so glad they were able to make the trip out for Thanksgiving! 

I also managed to get our Christmas decorations out Saturday too.  We don't have a ton of decorations for Christmas, so I sure hope I can find some good deals the day after to pick up some more things! 

Only one more month until we'll be making the trip back to Iowa to celebrate Christmas!  January can't get here soon enough!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

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