Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo Dump - Easter

The next few days are going to be filled with pictures from the last couple months.  I have been a terrible blogger, and I just got a ton of pictures off my phone. 

First up is when the Smiths came for a visit over Easter.  We had really nice weather the whole time they were here, so we got lots of outside playing time in.  We went to Hummel Park and had a picnic and played on the playgrounds.  While we were there, we saw some kids flying kites.  We picked some up during Mile's nap and headed to another park to fly them when he woke up!  I forgot how much fun kites are!
Here's T.J. flying his kite
 And Brandon flying his
 We also were able to get a few games of horse/pig in. 
See the four square lines in the background?  Next time we need to bring a ball to play that!
Here's Scott helping Miles with his shot

The rest of that weekend was spent lounging, grilling, catching up.  We're glad they came to visit! 

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