Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sleepover with Miles

This last weekend we had a sleepover with Miles.  Kaylan and T.J. brought him over after his nap, and we spent the evening doing lots of playing!  When Derrick got home from work, we took him outside to this large grass field by our apartments and did lots of running/ball throwing.  We saw a few airplanes too, and the babe sure does love airplanes! 

On our way home, we took him by a couple of small ponds by our apartment, one with a fountain.  We were lucky to see a family of ducks, and Miles loved looking at them.  We ended the night with a bath and some ice cream! :) 

Derrick had to work super early the next morning, so Miles and I got up and had a yummy breakfast and watched a little Sesame Street before daddy came to get him.  I was a bad auntie and didn't take any pictures or videos from that weekend. 

On a side note, after T.J. picked up Miles, I went and donated blood here at our apartment complex, and I won a $50 gift card to Kohl's!  Whoohoo!  :)

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