Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding checklist!

Hello all!

Boy, I need to create another blog challenge just to keep myself up on this thing!  I would like to update you all (and myself too) on all the things we finally have planned for the wedding. 

Derrick has sure been a trooper with making decisions with me.  We all know I'm a little indecisive! 

We picked our date, church, and reception hall and booked them!
We picked out our colors.
We have booked our caterer. 
We have a preliminary guestlist.
I have found, purchased, and picked up my wedding dress along with my shoes and headpiece. YAY! :)
Kaylan and I have narrowed down some ideas for bridesmaids dresses.
We picked ring bearer and flowergirl shoes & outfits.
We have picked our wedding party but only asked half of them to be a part of our special day. 
I finished making our wedding thank yous yesterday :) HA!
We know how we're making our wedding invitations, but we are still waiting for one part to get here in the mail.
We have been in contact with a DJ and are just waiting to decide on that.
We have been in contact with a couple of photographers. 

Things we need to do soon:
Get pictures taken for our Save the Dates and decide on a design.
Pick some dates for showers and bachelorette/bachelor parties. (Only since we have to plan to come back)
Quote some flower people.
Pick Derrick's wedding ring.
Decide on tux look.
Call about reception dessert :)
Start working on ceremony programs.
Pick hotels to block off rooms.
Find musicians for ceremony.

So, sorry for the super boring post!  I kind of needed to do this for myself anyways to figure out what to do next!

I sure hope you're all having a great week!  And, by all means, if you think of something I forgot on my list, TELL ME!! :) 


  1. I would check with Flowerama in Ankeny for flowers, and I could check here in Newton if you know what kind you are wanting.
    Tara Carrico and her husband live in Ankeny now and would be awesome to sing and play.
    I can look up hotel info for down by Adventureland if you want. I think they will be the closest.
    Let me know if you need any help! xoxoxox - mom

  2. Good luck with the wedding planning! It is a crazy time, but so much fun! Enjoy it!