Saturday, October 1, 2011

Half-off Saturday at Goodwill!!!

Kaylan and I were at Goodwill this morning when it opened! We found a few great things this time. I found an awesome 5-set of tv trays from Target that were in great condition for only $10! I can go ahead and check that off our things-to-put-on-the-registry list!! Yay!! (Target donates all of their out-of-season merchandise to the local Goodwills!) And I also found a medium size crock pot! I'm still on the hunt for a big one, but this will do for now! I got a few other small things but will update you on those later.

Kaylan got some good things as well like Miles' big boy bedding also brand new from Target for less than $20!! Whew! It was a good day of thrift shopping.

After our shopping we went and picked up all the boys and checked out Plainfield's Quaker Festival. They had a car show for the guys and Kaylan and I checked out all the booths and craft vendors!

Now we're back home and preparing for a productive craft day. Stay tuned!!

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