Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Wedding Deets

Here are a few things Derrick and I did for our wedding!

I made a sign for Miles to carry down the aisle before me that said "Here Comes the Bride."  Here is a little bit of my process.  Derrick cut me a piece of wood.  I painted it grey.  I cut out a design on the silhouette, and painted that. 
 Then I also cut letters on the silhouette.  They were fine, but the glossy paint I used was horrific!!  When I tried to peel the vinyl off, it pulled up part of the paint.  Note to self:  Never use glossy paint!  it seriously is the worst invention ever!

 So that was disappointing!!  I had to start all the way over.  Worst thing ever.  Ask Derrick.  I cried.  Literally.  I had to paint over what I had done, and I used the other side to do the new one.  Same process: grey, white vinyl design, letters (which I changed), and thankfully it turned out.  Derrick drilled a couple holes in the top, and we strung it with tulle from Quinn's tutu for him to hold. It was the most adorable thing, but unfortunately our photographer didn't snap a picture of it.  We kept telling Miles that he had a really important job.  He was to take the sign all the way down the aisle and give it to Uncle Derrick.  He did such a good job! 

Also in this picture, we made our own programs.  Here is a picture of our programs before we had tied the ribbon on the top.  I saw the idea on Pinterest, and I think they turned our great!
 Here is Quinn's tutu that I made for her. 
She looked adorable!  And I think she had fun walking/playing down the aisle too!  I don't think she'll have a problem with stage fright! :)
For the groomsmen & usher gifts, we bought them mugs, and I etched their name and a picture on them.   It's hard to tell what's on them in these pictures.

 Here is Derrick's.  I etched a Vikings' head on his and his name.

We also decided to have cupcakes instead of a giant cake for our wedding.  So Derrick and I got busy makeing a cupcake stand.  Let's say we made it work, but it definitely wasn't our best work!  And it certainly wasn't a fun project...ask Derrick!  We bought a sheet of 1/2" wood, cut it ourselves, cut the PVC pipe, painted it, and put it all together.  This project definitely took us a few months to complete.

 But in the end, I think it looked nice at our wedding! :)
I think that concludes this post of our DIY wedding details.  I would love to see your DIY projects too!

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