Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It is rather embarrassing how long it has been since I've posted on here.  A lot has changed around here since June.  I mean, I have a new last name and everything! I have a ton to post, so bear with me as it will be painfully out of order.  Here is a nice little list I have been keeping since June of things to blog about.  At least you'll know what's coming :) 

Some of the highlights since June:  Derrick and I got married!  That's the best news since then :)  We have attended two friends' weddings too.  I did my second triathlon.  We took a trip to Chicago with the McCords.  I am a NetiPot user and think it's the best thing ever.  Kaylan and I are doing lots of crafting for some craft shows.  I passed my National RPR test.  We had an ant infestation. I have pictures of our DIY wedding decorations.  Derrick got a new job.

Whew! I hope you're ready to get caught up! And hopefully you're at least interested in a few of those topics so you'll keep checking back! :) I'll leave you today with this fun picture from the zoo! :)

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