Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New blogging regimen

So I'm really going to try to be better about blogging.  And I'm sorry for always saying that!  I have come up with a "schedule" to give me something to try to blog about each day. 

It looks something like this:
Mouthwatering Monday, blog about a new recipe we have tried.
Tutorial Tuesday, blog about a new project I have done or am working on.
Wordless Wednesday, no words needed ;) or Wedding Wednesday if I have an update.
Thankful Thursday, things I am thankful at that moment on Thursday.
______ Friday, - I'm still working on this one!!  Any ideas would be much appreaciated!
Social Saturday, updates about what we've been doing all week.
______ Sunday, I'm still working on this one too.  Again, any ideas?!!

So I don't always plan on blogging each day on each topic, but at least this will give me somthing to blog about and something to shoot for. 

I don't have a tutorial to share with you a the moment, but I plan on starting a new project this week, so I'll have one for you next Tuesday!

Have a great week!

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