Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today (which is actually Tuesday) I'm thankful for this awesome rice heating pad I made a couple years ago! 
It is always freezing in our apartment (because we're holding out a little longer to turn on the heat).  It is really getting a workout this year.  I heat it up about once and hour and sit with it over my blanket on my lap to keep me warm!  It actually works quite well!  Occasionally Derrick takes it away too when he has a sore muscle since that's what its real purpose is!  I have been contemplating making him one of his very own so that I don't have to share anymore! :)

I'm also thankful that Derrick found a place to hunt.  I think the resentment level for moving him to Indiana is down a couple notches now ;) 

A couple days ago we went out and set up his blind.  One of the ladies that he works with owns the property, and it's just about 15 miles away. 

 Derrick is making room for his trusty blind.

And there she is all covered in trees and leaves.  Hopefully the deer don't see him!  I would also be very thankful if he could just get one soon!  I get a little nervous every time he goes out there!  And we plan on actually keeping the meat this time if he gets one! :)  Yay!

Last on the list for thankfulness this week is water.  Yep, that's right.  I've been really trying to drink more water this week.  At least 8 big glasses of water compared to my less than 1 that is my usual.  I can already tell I'm feeling better. :)

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