Thursday, January 19, 2012

Iowa Trip

Since we weren't able to go back to Iowa for Christmas, we took a big weekend trip to have all of our Christmases in January.  Derrick and I were able to ride home with the McCords since they were going home for Christmas too.  While driving home, I was able to knock out this little project for Madalynn.

I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of it after I got it all stitched onto the pillow, which actually was a taupe-colored pillow. 

Once we made it back to Iowa, Derrick and I went to Haverhill Social Club with Tom and Lisa for pizza, and it was delicious.  We went up to the newly-renovated Cadillac Jacks to meet up with some friends. 

Thursday we did a little wedding planning/preparation.  Derrick and I had to meet with Pastor Jeff for our first marriage counseling session.  All went well, and then we met with our flower lady, which also went well.  We then ate at B-Bops, which is sad to admit that of all things Indiana doesn't have, that's what we were craving.  Thursday night we had Christmas with my dad's family. 

Friday we headed to Dayton with Dylan and Julia to have Christmas with Derrick's dad's family.  When we got there, we ended up taking some family pictures.  Here are a few previews.

Then we had dinner and watched some home videos from when Derrick and Dylan were little.  It was fun to see Derrick when he was a little boy, and it just so happened that I actually was in one home video :)  It was from an elementary school Christmas concert.  We were watching Derrick dance in the front row, and I noticed a girl in a bright red dress with a giant bow on her head...and it was me.  Derrick and my grades apparently sang together that year, so that was funny to see that.  We drove back to Baxter and met up with some friends. 

This is the only picture I took.

Saturday we had Christmas with my mom's side.  Matt and Becky came out with Quinn, and we had a good afternoon catching up and playing.  Saturday night we had Christmas with Derrick's family, and we got some poker in.  I was able to meet up with a couple more friends Saturday night. 
Here's a picture of Lisa with her boys :)

There were only a few people we weren't able to catch up with.  We sure cashed in this Christmas, and we're so grateful for such great family and friends.  Hopefully we'll be able to make a trip back in March and see everyone again!

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