Monday, January 16, 2012

Long Time, No Blog

Goodness!  I just can't get the hang of this consistency thing.  We have been so busy since the last time I blogged with Christmas, going back to Iowa, and new craft projects.  I'll try to get you all caught up in the next couple days. 

First of all, I wanted to share some of my silhouette projects that I wasn't able to share before all of our Christmases for risk of spoiling some surprises. 

The first project that I made was this Chrismas sign for Lisa. 

I saw it on pinterest here and made my own with the Silhouette.
I also made myself and Carmen a different Christmas sign too.
This is what it looks like once the vinyl is cut and placed on the wood.  Now you just have to paint each section however you want it and peel the vinyl off.

I also found this inspiration on Pinterest here, but I changed a few of the words.

Then I decided to make another Christmas present.  This one was for the McWhirter family.  I didn't keep track of where I found my inspiration, so sorry for that!  (Update:  Here is where I got my inspriation!)

It may just look like a bunch of numbers, but the numbers are meaningful to the family.  It's their wedding date with each member's birthdate. 
That's the extent of my Silhouetting so far, but stay tuned for more soon! :)

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