Friday, January 27, 2012


Last Sunday night we had Miles over for a sleepover to give Kaylan and TJ a night off.  We had tons of fun playing, singing, and dancing with only a little bit of snuggling in there, but don't tell Miles I told you!

Sometimes his toys aren't good enough, so he was wearing our gym membership passes around :)

And he definitely has a bit of a shoe fetish!

He was so excited when Derrick go thome from work.  They had a clapping war at dinner :)

(I can't ever get YouTube to work for me on here, so I hope this video works!)
Did you see the little dance with Rafie in the middle and the fast feet at the end? :)

Then they played until bath time.

With some hugs! :)

And of course we had to add some danger with this death-defying stunt!!

We were all wore out by bedtime.  I think Miles might have still been a little tired the next morning too!
We had fun having the little guy stay with us!  And I think Kaylan and TJ loved it too, so it just might be happening more often, which is fine with us!!

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