Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fabic Cards & Hair

If any of you follow Kaylan's blog here, you saw yesterday that she posted about making fabric cards.  Well, we did that project together and here are my creations!
Don't be too surprised if some of you receive these for your next birthday, shower, wedding, and any other occasion. 

I also wanted to share a trick that I find quite handy in a pinch to save some time.  I found a video that teaches you how to do this hair style here.  I do have a few pictures of this process for you.  First you start off with an elastic headband that you can put around your head.  Your hair should be slightly damp so the hair will wrap and stay a little bit easier.  You then start with the front of your hair and piece by piece wrap your hair around the headband until all the hair is wrapped like so.  I did add a few bobby pins to make sure that my hair didn't slip out.
Note that my headband is at the start of my hairline.  While I wrap my hair around the headband, I have the headband more in the middle of my forehead in order to keep it from slipping off my head.  After I get all my hair secured around the headband, I move it to my hairline to prevent a nice mark in the middle of my forehead when I take it off (yes, I'm speaking from experience.) 

Once you have your hair wrapped, spray a little bit of hairspray and go to sleep!  This elastic headband and your hair make it really comfortable for sleeping.  In the morning, all you have to do is take out the bobby pins and headband, and you will have this!

Note that from the back, my hair is pretty flat at the top from having the headband in and the curls starting that far down my head.  To fix this problem, I simply wear my hair half up. 
Viola!!  It literally takes 10 minutes tops to put my hair in the headband at night and take it out in the morning.  Way better than curling it for hours!

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