Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 16

Day 16 - Who are you?

Well, here comes by bibliography.  My name is Keriann Parker.  I was born in Des Moines, Iowa and was raised in Baxter, Iowa.  For the beginning part of my life, my family consisted of my mom, dad, Matt, and Kaylan.  While I was in elementary school, I mostly could be found with my best friend Steph playing barbies, school, or power rangers. :) 

In fifth grade my parents got divorced.  A couple years later, my family consisted of my mom, Scott, Brandon, Amber, my dad, Carmen, Leeanna, Kaylan and Matt.  Once I was in middle school and high school, sports and other school activities basically ran my life.  To be honest, I still miss some of my high school activities like volleyball, dance team, softball, and track.  Kaylan and Matt both got married while I was in high school to T.J. and Becky, respectively. ;)  My dad and Carmen also added to my family while I was in high school by having Russell, who is now 7. 

I went to college at AIB, DMACC, ISU, and AIB.  Don't let the ISU thing fool you.  I am a Hawkeye fan through and through!  My first year of college, Derrick and I started dating (December 2, 2006 to be exact.)  We've been together now for four years and eight months (yesterday).  My family also grew by one more while I was in college.  My dad and Carmen had Dakota, who is now 2.  (If you can't keep track of my family, I don't blame you!) ;)

Last year, Kaylan & T.J. had Miles Owen McCord in September.  He was my first nephew.  He was followed shortly after with Matt and Becky's first child, my first niece, Ellaquinn Ashley Heeren who was born in November.

Derrick and I moved to Indiana in January 2011 where I work as a court reporter, and he is working part time at TSC while still looking for a law enforcement job. He proposed in April, and we're planning a wedding for August 4, 2012 (Save the Date!!!) 

I didn't give too many details about my life, but that could literally turn into a book! 

I guess on another note of "Who am I?"  I love crafting.  I love watching movies.  I love spending time with family and friends.  I love my life! :)  And everything to this point has made me who I am!

P.S.  If this doesn't make sense while you're reading it, it's because I was too tired to re-read it! :)

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