Friday, August 19, 2011

Indiana State Fair

We went to the Indiana State Fair tonight with the McCords! It was a good time. We had suspicions that it was free admission night at the fair but thought it was probably too good to be true since it wasn't advertised. Luckily it really was! And we parked inside the fair for free too! Saved a whole $21!! Don't worry, we spent it on the food. We didn't really see too much or go in many buildings, but we ate a lot of good food! I had a sno-cone, cotton candy, fresh lemonade, and a blooming onion! Derrick shared all those with me and had a steak on a stick and fries. We also got to try Kaylan and TJ's funnel cake and chips (like Chip's chips) :) yum!!! Now I'm good for another year again! I sure wish we could have made it to the Iowa State Fair this year too!!

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