Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Last Tuesday I went to the NKOTBSB concert with a few girls from work.  To say it was amazing would be an understatement!  I even lost my voice a little from screaming like a 10-year-old girl!  This blog will be picture overload.

Very excited before the concert started!!
Matthew Morrison from Glee.  I'm not a huge Gleek, but he was really good! 
It's almost NKOTBSB time!!!! 

NKOTB!  This think was at the end of their runway.  When it would raise up, they were really close to us! :)
Nick Carter!  I was going to marry him one day...when I was 8. 
BSB looking for some girls! 
Old lady on the left was so cute!  Her shirt said "Old kid on the block!"  And the girl on the right couldn't stop crying!!  She was with Nick though, so it's understandable!
Donnie Wahlberg!!  He's my NKOTB fave! 
All together again
NKOTB with their Pacers' jerseys on!  They said they all got to meet Larry Byrd earlier that day! :) 
NKOTBSB finale!!  Backstreet's Back/Hangin' Tough.

I hijacked these photos from Jade.  My iPhone didn't take great pictures with all the lighting, but I'm sure glad she got some good ones!!

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