Sunday, February 12, 2012

Food Reviews

Well, we have been trying some new Pinterest recipies lately.  On Super Bowl Sunday, we had a pizza day with 8 different pizza, two of them being desert pizza that we found on Pinterest here.

It was delicious!  I give it 5 stars!  It was super easy, and I definitely recommend you try it! 

On Monday Derrick and I tried this Doritos Chicken Cheesy thing, and it was a bust.  We were not huge fans. 

I did think it was good and had good flavor, but it was just a lot of mush and not much substance.  We won't be making it again.  However, if you want to try it yourself, here is this link.

And Tuesday we tried these French dip crescents with Au Jus. 

They were good.  I would give them a 4, but that's mostly because French dips aren't my favorite thing.  I think we'll have them again!  Here's the link.

So all in all, Pinterest is serving as quite the recipe builder with just a couple of fails!  Let me know if you have any Pinterest recipies you love!

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