Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who needs gas?!

So I have officially run my car out of gas for the first time!  Sunday night, Derrick and I watched Miles while Kaylan and T.J. went to their small group.  When we went to leave...it all went downhill! :)

So last Tuesday on my way home from a job in Terre Haute, my gas light came on.  I didn't rush to the gas station because I didn't have anywhere to be or anything to do the next day.  I just thought I would fill it up the next time we were on the other side of town.  Then for the next five days, the only place I ever drove was to the gym (less than a mile away) or to Kaylan and T.J.'s house (also not very far away).  Needless to say, it was getting extremely low!!  It was warm Sunday when we left to go to Kaylan and T.J.'s house to watch Miles, so my car started right up.  We joked that it wasn't going to start when we went to leave their house once it cooled off again.  And we were right.  I mean it only had 55 miles on it since my gas light came on. ;) 

After a couple tries, we got it started and headed to the gas station.  We got no more than 15 feet (but certainly far enough to be past the stop sign and in the middle of the road) and my car shut off!!!  I wish someone could have recorded our faces!  Immediate panic :) "Oh my God!  It died!!!  Derrick you have to push me!"  :)  And he did.  To the side of the road which of course is the side of the road you're not supposed to park on.  So with my hazards on, we ran back to Kaylan and T.J.'s and thankfully they had a little gas in their gas can for the mower! Phew!  We put that in my tank and headed straight to the gas station! 

I don't believe that will ever be happening to me again!  I'm so glad I wasn't by myself when that happened or I don't know what I would have done!

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