Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goodwill Saturday

This last week was Goodwill 50% off Saturday.  We missed the half-off Saturday in January because we were back in Iowa, so we were really ready to get some great deals!  Not quite as ready as these people standing outside!
We got there at 8:59 and couldn't believe people actually waited outside, in line for half-off Saturday!

We hit up the usual 3 Goodwills that day and got some good steals!  The best part is Target takes their stuff there, so you can usually get brand new things from Target for sooo cheap! I didn't do as well as I hoped, but my best buy was a brand new game of Life for 50 cents!  You can't beat that.  I also got the Newlywed Game for 50 cents, and I decided to give it to Derrick for Valentines Day :)  Don't tell him!

Kaylan, however, hit the jackpot by finding this Kitchen!  We have been talking about making one for Miles for forever, but who can turn down a cheap brand new kitchen?!

Let me just say putting it together was a chore!  It was at Goodwill because a couple of the parts were missing.  But we improvised and I think it turned out great!  And Miles loves it! :)

We are anxiously awaiting the next half-off Saturday in March! 

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