Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI (Picture Overload!)

The Super Bowl this year was on February 5th, but they started the celebration here in Indy on January 26th.  While Kaylan and T.J. were out of town visiting friends, Derrick and I headed downtown to the DJ Pauly D and Bret Michaels concerts. 
 DJ Pauly D
Us waiting or Bret Michaels
Bret Michaels

The concerts were great and it wasn't even too packed :)

We went to the NFL Experience on Monday afternoon with the McCords.  We walked down Georgia Street (Super Bowl Village) to get to the Experience, and there was lots to see and do.

 Concerts and Games

 Ice Sculptures

Super Bowl signs everywhere! 

The NFL Experience (Indiana Convention Center) with the Zipline right in front of it. 
Indy Cars.  There's one for every NFL team, but we only got to see these ones. 
Countdown to the Super Bowl!!!

We each got to be a player for our favorite teams :) 

Miles didn't want to be a Bears fan!  Just wait and see who he wants to root for ;) 
Go Vikes! 

That's right!  He roots for the Vikings, and he waves too :) 
Some famous announcers.  I couldn't tell you who they are, but Derrick and T.J. were freaking out! :) 

Rides with Uncle D are the best!
And he wasn't even scared of the giant bird! 
There were tons of activities to do inside the NFL Experience, but this was the only one we did. 
You were supposed to throw your football fast and in the hole, and they clocked how fast you threw it. 

All the team flags 
They had a Wilson football station where they actually were making footballs.  You could get one that had your name or family name or anything on it, but it would cost you about $175 for a football!! YIKES!
We just watched :) 
She was sewing them right there!  She said she does about 170 a day, and that's for 10 hours.
She's lacing them up. 
We decided to participate in a little commercial for fun, and they gave us these stickers.  Isn't he so cute as a little football player.  Little did we know, those things are awful to come off.  I think the babe might be a little traumatised from that! 
We even were able to check out the locker rooms!
Bears locker room.
And AP in the Vikings locker room! 
They had all the Super Bowl rings here too.  And this guy is just an added bonus :) 
AFC Championship trophy 
NFC Championship trophy. 
There was a crazy line to get up close and personal to the Vince Lombardi trophy, so we just took a picture from afar.   
All the guys got drafted too!
Derrick, of course, to the Vikings. 
And T.J. to the Bears. 
And looky here, Miles even went to the Bears, and he doesn't seem so mad about it! 
Here is the Zipline tower up close.
They had these heaters all down Super Bowl Village so you could warm up IF it was cold out.  We just happened to have great weather for most of the week! 
Another one of Derrick's favorite things.  You could come here and watch them do shows for ESPN. 
The big Super Bowl letters at Monument Circle. 
Me and Derrick 
The McCords 
Here is the JW Marriott downtown.  This display of work was quite amazing. 
And for the grand finale, this is what downtown looked like Friday night before the free LMFAO concert!! Craziness!  I'm so glad we stayed in.  
That was the extent of our Super Bowl experience.  We relaxed at home on Sunday and tried to avoid the city at all costs.  However, the guys thought it would be cool to go downtown Sunday to "see if they could see anything while they were driving around."  Needless to say, they couldn't get too close.  They did see policemen on horse, parking for $200, and a whole lot of helicopters flying overhead.

We sure hope they bring the Super Bowl back to Indy in a few years!  It was quite an experience!

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