Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ikea Trip

Last Thursday Derrick and I headed to Ikea in Cincinnati with the McCords.  When they got their new couch last April, they had one cushion cover with a little tear in it.  So they exchanged their cover, and Derrick and I didn't need anything and were just along for the ride.

We love checking that store out with all their neat things, and we could hardly resist getting a couple new things.  We got some new coat hooks so our coats don't have to sit on the back of our dining table anymore.  Don't they fit perfectly next to our Ikea mirrors too?!
And I got a new office chair.  I bought my old office chair at Ikea too, but it was a cheap chair that I thought would do.  After much use, it just wouldn't do.  I was always uncomfortable getting any work done.  So the hunt for a new chair was on, but they are expensive!  We ended up finding a comfy one at Ikea, and so far it is amazing!
This is my old chair...
And this is my new chair!!  UPGRADE! :)

Sorry about this messy pictures.  My office/craft room really WAS that messy until a couple days ago.  I'll update you on that next ;)

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