Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

It seems to be that Derrick and I will make a tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day on February 13th instead of the 14th.  Derrick had to work on Valentine's Day until 8:00, so we went out for dinner at Stone Creek on the 13th.  It's a fancier place in Plainfield that we hadn't tried yet, and it's at the mall.  It was delicious and right across the road was Coldstone, so we had that for dessert of course! :)  We also rented Abduction with Taylor Lautner in it, and I would say it was a pretty good movie.

On the real Valentine's Day, I had a job in Terre Haute and an evening date planned with my other Valentine!
Kaylan and T.J. got tickets to go to the Pacers vs. Heat game, so Miles and I spent the evening together :)  Once Derrick got off work, he came over too.  We had a romantic Taco Bell dinner, and we watched Gran Torino on TV. 

When we finally made it back to our apartment, I had these beauties waiting for me :)

Derrick spilled the beans that they would be coming since we weren't sure if either of us would be home when they would be delivered, but it was still a lovely surprise :)

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